Pretty Girl Project 2018

Pretty Girl Project 2018

In 2018 I had the opportunity to design and manufacture a beautiful matric dance dress for our very first "pretty girl". Michelle Sauls ! It was a first for both Michelle and I, but that just made it so much more special! 


Now if you are not familiar with the Pretty Girl Project, here is a quick catch up!

The Pretty Girl Project was launched last year (2018) in good hopes of sponsoring a girl with her dream dress for her matric farewell dance. I know that these events are very costly, and there are girls who might not even attend their matric farewell due to financial difficulty.  And we all know just how special your matric farewell is. It's like the highlight of finishing your schooling years, right!? All that planning and searching for the perfect dress to wear and making sure no one else has the same dress as you.   

I remember when I was in matric not too long ago (only 9 years ago) my now sister in law basically sponsored me an evening gown for my matric farewell. She was then in the business of selling beautiful evening wear and offered us to rent the dress for so much less than what the dress was actually worth.  I was able to wear my dream dress to my matric farewell because of her kindness.  So I figured why not do the same for someone else since I'm a designer and I am in the position to help a beautiful girls dream come true by designing her dress!

So in short the purpose of the Pretty Girl Project is to help a  Pretty Lady partake in one of a girls highlights of her schooling career(or atleast for me that was), her matric farewell dance!

How does it work? A matric girl had to enter herself into the competition, tell us who she is and why she believes that she should be the pretty girl or anyone else can nominate a young lady and let us know why they believe their nominee should be The Pretty Girl.

Among all the beautiful applicants and letters we received and after some tears and smiles there could unfortunately only be one Pretty Girl! Even though all of the applicants are Pretty girls!

 And that Pretty Girl was....

 Michelle Sauls

Michelle in the turquoise dress. (side note - Both these dresses was designed and created by Pretty Me Couture)Michelle in the turquoise dress. (side note - Both these dresses was designed and created by Pretty Me Couture)

While Michelle knew that her aunt entered her into the Pretty Girl competition give away she never in a million years expected to win. She was completely shocked and emotional when finding out that she had won. It was her first time winning anything(even though she has been a winner all her life) and this win was one special victory for her as she could have her dream dress for her matric farewell! 


Amongst many conversations we had I asked her if she would be fine if I where to add it to my blog. Here are just a few words from Michelle.

"At first I was so nervous to meet Ramona as I did not know what to expect or even say. But when I met her she made me feel completely at home and comfortable with her warm welcoming spirit and some what bubbly personality. I knew I was in good hands and I could be free to have my request made known for the dress I wanted as she was genuine and wanted to create my dream dress. "

" This experience, winning this competition really showed me how God works in many ways and through any person. He does answer prayers. This might be something simple to some but having the opportunity to attend my matric ball with the dress I imagined myself in meant the world to me! I was able to be with my friends and enjoy the night with them!"

I had a blast working with Michelle to create her desired dress and was thrilled that I could help in a small way. My goal is to help another beautiful young lady's dream come true this year aswell so keep your eyes open and follow my FB page!! 

There is nothing wrong with helping if you are in a position to help someone as  it is more blessed to give than to receive , whether it be sponsoring them with a dress, offering to do their hair if your any good at it,  heck even playing chauffeur for the night if you have a really nice car! 

Michelle, thank you for allowing me to write and post this blog. I know you will do amazing things, you have a big bright future ahead of you and you can accomplish anything in life if you let God be part of it!!

Your an amazing lady!


Much Love


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