Pretty Girl 2019

Pretty Girl 2019

The Pretty Girl project was an initiative born in 2018 to help out a young matriculant girl find her dream matric dance dress! And 2019 is another succesful year where Pretty Me could bless a young girl with a matric ball dress. It is always a joy to be able to give knowing that it will make a diffrence in the next persons life. To some a matric ball might be less important especially if you've already been there done that or if you are able to afford the whole ansamble and not have to worry about the possibility that you might not have a dress, shoe or even the perfect pair of earings for your matric ball. For those of us who can get the whole look and not worry to much that is great and a blessing in it self. 

Pretty Me Pretty Girl 2019

This year I was fortunate to meet Anzelle and her lovley mom Francis. And I say fortunate cause I love meeting and getting to know my clients! I had a chance to sit down with Anzelle and her mom and listen to their story. I must say listenig to their story makes one realise that we as people need to really appreciate what we have and stop complainting about every small thing. Instead we need to be thankful, take hold of the opportunities God puts before us to better our lives and to be able to sow into someone else's life. Every person can help at least one person out whether you have alot or not. 


I want to thank both Anzelle and Francis for being so open and sharing their story with me and alowing Pretty Me and Fifth Avenue Collection by Lorelle to dress Anzelle for her matric dance. 

Here are a few cool things about Anzelle and the process of her choosing out her dress.

Anzelle in her own words:

" I'm a matric student at high school Centurion. I'm a very passionet person in everything I put my mind to and I love a challenge. I am very mature, spontaneous, honest, loyal, loving, strong, sometimes impulsive and I love humour! 

I love drawing, softball, hockey and athletics. 

I have big plans for my life, I want to be financially stable to be able to take care of myself support my family and loved once. My dream is to be a dancer,model and musician." 

Pretty Me Pretty Girl 2019

 Experience and process of choosing the dress:

 "I would like to thank Pretty Me for my dream dress, this was definitley a blessing in disguise. It takes alot to make me cry but I must admit I did shed a few happy tears. I found a beautiful dress that suits me like a glove and Ramona (owner of Prett Me) is an amazing person and designer with a heart of gold! The entire process was surreal and heartwarming!"

Anzelle had the opportunity to choose any of the the dresses made in studio. And to her luck almost every dress she fitted worked so beautifully for her!! She looked absolutly stunning in all of them. But there was that one dress that all 3 of us (myself, Anzelle and Francis) were like this is the one!! The style, the colour and the fit was perfect as if the dress was waiting just for her!

And just to make the dress she chose abit more special we added a silver iron on belt to accentuate her waist.


I am happy to have had Anzelle wear one of Pretty Me's collections!

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